Gilgit Baltistan Sector

Description of the Gilgit-Baltistan Sector

The India-China boundary starts from the tri-junction of the boundaries of India, China and Afghanistan at approximately Longitude 74° 34′ East and Latitude 37° 3′ North and runs eastward through the Kilik Pass (Long. 74° 41′ E and Lat. 37° 5′ N), Mintaka Pass (Long. 74° 51′ E and Lat. 36° 59′ N), Kharchanai Pass (Long. 74° 1′ E and Lat. 36° 59′ N), Parpik Pass (Long. 75° 26’E and Lat. 36° 57′ N), and the Khunjerab Pass (Long. 75°,28′ E and Lat. 36° 51′ N). These passes lie on the watershed between the Hunza river flowing into the Indus system in India and the Qara Chukar river flowing into the Yarkand system in Sinkiang. From the Khunjerab Pass the boundary lies along a spur down to the north-western bend of the Shaksgam or Muztagh river which it crosses at that point and ascends the crest line of the Aghil mountains. It then runs along the crest of the Aghil watershed through the Aghil Pass (Long. 76° 37′ E and Lat. 36° 11′ N) the Marpo Pass (Long. 77° 14′ E and Lat. 35° 43′ N) and the Shaksgam Pass (Long. 77° 28′ E and Lat. 35° 34′ N) to the Karakoram Pass (Long. 77° 50′ E and Lat. 35° 31′ N).